Why Should You Join The Rainbow Family?

There are so many reasons why you should choose Rainbow to provide care and education for your precious little ones. Here’s just 10 of them…

1. Family Owned and Operated 

Rainbow has been in our family for 21 years. This gives us a vast amount of experience and a unique insight into what local families want and need. We provide the perfect blend of family love, quality care and education from newborn right through to 12 years old. We appreciate the uniqueness of each child and family, and work hard to provide you with a flexible service that suits your wants and needs.


2. Educational Curriculum

At Rainbow, we support and guide your child to be the best they can be. Our Curriculum is unlike any other. It has been designed by highly qualified and experienced University Trained Teachers. It provides each child with the opportunity to grow across all Developmental Milestones, 21st Century and EYLF Outcomes.  With us, your child will have the opportunity to reach their potential in a safe,  loving environment. We are Industry Leaders in our implementation of Growth Mindset and 21st Century Learning Approaches. Our goal is to work alongside your child, to support the growth and development of skills that are important for today, tomorrow and beyond.

3. Family Communication and Connections 

We recognise the value in building connections between home and centre. We strive to work together with you, to achieve the best outcomes for your child.

We proudly use Storypark, a secure online documentation system. With this system,  families can keep up to date with their child’s time at Rainbow. Any where, any time, you will be able to access our system and see information about your child’s time at Rainbow. 

 You will also have the opportunity to post your own stories about your child’s life at home, set goals and have your input in regards to your child’s learning and development. We aim to work with you in partnership to best support your child’s growth and development. Storypark is at no extra cost to our families.


4. Amazing Team of Teachers and Educators

Our Team is highly experienced, qualified and committed to Rainbow. This means your family and children will experience consistent, predictable and high quality care and education. Our Educators are focused on providing  love and care to each child and treating them as part of the family.

5. We provide all meals

We provide all meals at Rainbow, lovingly prepared on site by trained and experienced cooks. Our meals are both delicious and nutritious. We are an allergy aware centre and cater for specific food needs such as Cultural or Medical requirements.     

6. Safe, Clean and just like Home 

All our facilities are clean, safe and just like home. We follow all guidelines and regulations,  making sure that our centres are providing the best safety standards possible. We maintain strict hygiene standards to ensure the health and well being of each child. Our centres are are designed to look and feel welcoming, comfortable and as homelike as possible.

7. We supply almost everything…

The only thing you need to bring is a hat, a bag and change of clothes (plus any formula for bubs). We supply all meals, nappies, wipes, sunscreen.

We also cover the costs of regular incursions and excursions to extend upon the children’s learning.

We provide everything so you don’t need to! 

8. Preparing for School and Beyond 

We provide a wonderful School preparedness program, that will help your child prepare for their journey into the formal education system and into life beyond. The focus at Rainbow,  is on fostering a life long love of learning. 

Our program begins  in our babies room and continues until your child goes to school. The year before school,  our curriculum becomes more in depth and extensive, providing the perfect transition into big school life.

Our learning is real and relevant. Children develop their skills through experiences that are of interest and have a purpose in their lives. Some of the ways we achieve this, is through 21st Century Learning, Child Led Learning, Project Based Learning and regular Incursions and Excursions. 

Then, we celebrate your child’s educational journey, with a spectacular community Graduation event, the year before big school. 

9. Fun, Play Based Learning

With us, your children will be stimulated and most importantly they will have fun. We provide a strong Educational Curriculum, in which children learn as they play. Learning is loads of fun at Rainbow.

10. Strong Family Values 

We have a strong set of Core Values that guide everything we do at Rainbow. Each of our Values revolve around providing our Families, Children and our Team with everything they need to flourish within our service. With us, you can be assured that what is best for your family will always be our focus. At Rainbow, It’s “Families and Children First”