Learning For Life

It is our mission to help prepare children as lifelong learners and contributors in this rapidly changing, complex and wonderful world. We are committed to providing a quality education, which prepares children for big school and beyond. We are dedicated to creating a culture in which we learn and grow together.

Our Portrait of a Graduate

Our “Portrait of a Graduate” is a collective Rainbow Family vision. It articulates the aspirations we have for each child to take with them, on their journey from Rainbow to big school and beyond.

A Rainbow Graduate is…

A Life Long Learner

Who thinks creatively and critically and understands strengths and challenges. Exercises a Growth Mindset to persevere and achieve goals. Views mistakes as opportunities for growth. Is a self directed learner who continues to seek knowledge and develop skills.

Creative and Innovative

Who demonstrates curiosity, imagination. Transcends ideas, rules, patterns and relationships to create something new. Who takes risks to identify, evaluate and prioritise solutions.

A Collaborator

Who cooperatively works with others to accomplish goals and tasks. Who seeks, contributes and responds to feedback to achieve collective outcomes.

Self Aware

Who shows confidence in their strengths, attends to their needs and well being. Who welcomes the opportunity to grow.

An Effective Communicator

Who displays interpersonal skills, build positive relationships, listens effectively, shares ideas. Who uses technology to enhance learning.

A Responsible Global Citizen

Who shows empathy, compassion and kindness. Who accepts cross cultural differences and celebrates diversity.